Karting simulator
1 person
5-7 min
120 cm

Are you dreaming of reckless speed and other delights of motorsports? Young age is not an obstacle to your dreams! Feel the tyres stick to the asphalt and the frame bend when colliding with the tyre casings, while your rivals are putting the pedal to the metal in an attempt to get ahead of you!

  • Several game modes
  • Accurate simulation of kart dynamics
  • Race against your friends


  • Thrill of speed

    Thrill of speed

  • Unique experience of kart driving

    Unique experience of kart driving

What is it?

The simulator makes a racer feel their kart almost like a driver at a Grand Prix, the only difference is absence of loads. Win a closed circuit race in stylized karts. Collect various bonuses while driving and get a win having blocked your rivals' way!


Motion platform, VR headsets, Comfortable driver's seat, Steering wheel with vibration dampers, HTC motion sensors.